Everything You Need to Know to #LaurierVotes Smart


Golden Hawks, mark your calendars

January 30, 31 & February 1, 2018

On these days you’ll have the power to choose who you want to represent all 17,000+ Laurier undergrads. Once elected, these officials will make decisions that affect the entire student body.
That’s why it’s so important that you make your voice heard by voting.

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The voting system 

Here at Laurier we use a system based on ranked voting. Basically this means that you have more choice. For example, since there are four people running for president, you can rank as many or as few candidates as you’d like – starting with your first choice (1),
second choice (2), third choice (3) and last choice (4). This goes for all other positions as well.

How does ranked voting work?

With ranked voting, the candidate with the most votes doesn’t always win. Confused by this? Check out this 1 minute video that explains everything.

Voting Abstention

On each ballot, there is an option to abstain from voting. Voting Abstention means that your vote will not be counted towards any of the selections that you made. Please read the ballots carefully and only select this option if you do not want your vote to be counted.


What roles are being filled & what do they do?



Referendum Questions

1. Brantford and Waterloo undergraduate students…

“Do you support the implementation of an Orientation & Transition fee of $101.00 covering all transition programming including Orientation Week and Headstart. This fee is paid only by incoming undergraduate first year students on Laurier campuses for a 3-year pilot period, expiring in 2021. This fee would replace current Orientation Week and Headstart fees.”  YES or NO




2. Brantford undergraduate students only…

With the exception of students in Criminology, Leadership or Digital Media and Journalism
“Do you support a new undergraduate Faculty Association Fee of $15.00 per full-time student per term or pro-rated per part-time course in order to support faculty and program student associations that provide resources for student clubs and events? This fee will be adjusted annually by the cost of inflation (Consumer Price Index).”  YES or NO

3. Brantford and Waterloo undergraduate students…

“Do you support the selection of KPMG as the auditors for the Students’ Union for the 2017/2018 fiscal year?”  YES or NO


The votes are in your hands Golden Hawks!

Make sure to exercise your right and have your voice heard.