Did You Know About SU Elections? pt. 2

Did you know that elections are held each year to determine the student leadership at the Students’ Union and WLU?

Do you want to be a part of that student leadership next year? There is still time! We are looking particularly for more representation from Brantford but anyone can run! Nomination Packages are due January 14th for the following positions:

12 members of the SU Board of Directors

  • This role is comparable to other Board of Director positions throughout the not-for-profit sector
  • Leads the long-term strategic direction of the Students’ Union
  • Analyzes and develops high-level policy for organizational growth
  • Monitors the performance of the President based on a set of Board-mandated policies

6 student representatives on the WLU Senate

  • The Senate deals with the educational policies of the University and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors with respect to the operation of the institution
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in discussion and debate on these areas of influence, including possible participation on the following committees:
    • Academic Planning
    • Executive and Finance
    • Governance
    • Honorary Degree
    • Student Appeals
    • Teaching and Learning

If you are interested in doing more than complaining to Spotted at Laurier, consider running for one of these elected positions. Not only will you gain tremendous experience valuable for the next stage of your career, but you will also have the opportunity to influence the important decisions being made on campus.

More information is available at lauriervotes.yourstudentsunion.ca including information session slides and a recording of the first Open Forum so you can have a glance at what running in the election is like!