Clubs & Associations: Departmental Updates

Clubs & Associations: Departmental Updates



When contacting our department directly with your questions or concerns, we are asking that you please submit ALL inquiries to Kara McDowell, Vice President: Clubs & Associations, at and she will do her best to prioritize and filter the communication accordingly. Please ensure that you are submitting inquiries to only Kara McDowell, Vice President: Clubs & Associations directly, at, by starting a brand new email using one of the following subject lines. Inquiries sent not using one of these subject lines may not be answered.


For General Inquiries —> “[Club Account Number] – General Inquiry”

For Club Reimbursements —> “[Club Account Number] Expenses”

For Club Renewals –> “[Club Account Number] – Renewal Inquiry”

For Hiring Inquiries —> “[Club Account Number] Hiring”

For Contract Inquiries —> “[Club Account Number] Contract – [Company Name]”

For Sponsorship Inquiries —> “[Club Account Number] Sponsorship – [Sponsor Name]”

For Ticket Inquiries —> “[Club Account Number] Ticket Sales – [Event Name]”

For faculty associations who have questions about how to handle their own processes with their faculty-based clubs —> “[Faculty Association Name] – Processes”


Club & Association Renewals for the 2020-2021 fiscal year are open NOW until April 30th, 2020 @ 11:59PM!
All existing clubs and associations must renew their status prior to the deadline in order to remain active in the 2020-2021 fiscal year; failure to do so will result in the club becoming inactive – no ifs, ands, or buts. This includes all SU-based clubs, faculty-based clubs and faculty associations.
Please note: Inactive clubs have the opportunity to regain their active status by applying during the New Club Registration period and any clubs inactive for more than two years will be dissolved. There will be no exceptions to accepting renewals late, so please ensure that you are meeting our deadline. If you happen to miss the deadline, but are wanting to remain active for 2020-2021, you will be waiting to apply through a completely different process that is at a later date and more in depth.
To complete your renewal, please visit our Club & Association Renewals webpage.


Effective 03/17/2020, all forms must be submitted from the president to your respective primary contact via email. See below for a directory:
For Waterloo SU-based clubs, please email your form(s) and proof of payment(s) to by Fridays @ noon.
For Brantford SU-based clubs, please email your form(s) and proof of payment(s) to by Fridays @ noon.
For faculty-based clubs, please email your form(s) and proof of payment(s) to your respective faculty association. They will set out their own procedures for you to follow.
For faculty associations, you will be responsible for submitting all form(s) and proof of payment(s) for your association and respective faculty-based to me ( by Mondays @ noon.
Please note: All forms that we received in office up until 03/16/2020 at noon will be processed normally. However, if you chose to have a cheque pick-up/mail out and included your email, we will be changing the reimbursement to an e-transfer to get your money to you ASAP. If you chose a cheque without including an email, we will contact you directly to get this information.x
We recommend that Finance positions on clubs and associations continue their work as normal to create and compile forms, forward to their respective president for approval, have the president insert their electronic signature on each form, then the president will be responsible for forwarding all form(s) and proof of payment(s) to the primary contact outlined above. In the event that it is the president who did incur the expense, our department will require a separate email from the VP: Finance, with the appropriate attached documentation, outlining their approval for the president’s expense(s).x
When submitting form(s) and proof of payment(s), please ensure that they are all in PDF format and that you are using the following formatting (documents presented to either myself or my AVP’s not following this format will not be accepted):x
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Form 1”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Form 2”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Form 3”x
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 1 – 1”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 2 – 1”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 2 – 2”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 3 – 1”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 3 – 2”
“[4-digit Club Account Number] – Proof 3 – 3”x
As outlined, each form must be clearly labelled using the [Club Account Number] – Form #. The corresponding receipt(s)/invoice(s) must follow the same format to include [Club Account Number] – Proof # – ##​, where # matches its corresponding form number and ##​ represents the line in which the receipt/invoice appears on the expense/Visa form. Please also note that, where possible, we strongly encourage that you choose the method of e-transfer for reimbursements or my Visa to pay large invoices, as we do not have access to cheques at this time.x
Our department will be reimbursing club event expenses that were incurred prior to March 12th @ 8:00PM, unless prior approval has been given to the president. We ask that you please do not purchase any other items and/or pay any invoices at this time and focus on submitting your outstanding forms. All forms (with expenses dated March 12th or earlier) are due, at the absolute latest, by April 3rd by noon; however, our team highly recommends that you submit your forms earlier than later to ensure they are processed in a timely matter. If you have any questions on your outstanding forms, please contact the Clubs & Associations department using the information found in the COMMUNICATIONS TO CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS DEPARTMENT section at the top of this page.


At this time, we are highly recommending that all outgoing teams continue with their hiring process for the incoming president and executive team via online platforms. We encourage our clubs to use online resources like Google Form for accepting applications and Google Meet to conduct interviews. If you require any assistance with respect to getting a new team prepped for next year, please contact the Clubs & Associations department using the information found in the COMMUNICATIONS TO CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS DEPARTMENT section at the top of this page.


We would like to assure you that students will be receiving a full refund for tickets that they may have purchased for your event(s). If your event required participants to purchase a ticket through the U-Desk, the Clubs & Associations department has been working with the U-Desk to reimburse accordingly for those events. If purchased online, students should receive a refund within 3-5 business days to the same credit card that they used to place the order. If purchased at the U-Desk, students will receive an e-transfer to their account. If your club/association sold tickets through a different platform or process, please contact the Clubs & Associations department using the information found in the COMMUNICATIONS TO CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS DEPARTMENT section at the top of this page for next steps on how to have your participants refunded.

resource bookings

At this time, we will be assisting you with any services booked or contracted for your upcoming events. The Clubs & Associations Department will communicate with Food Services, Turret/Hawk’s Nest/Wilf’s, Physical Resources, Room Bookings, and ICT on behalf on your club to cancel all requests.


If any of you are locked into contracts for any on- and/or off-campus events, that are not mentioned in the RESOURCE BOOKINGS section of this email, we ask that you please reach out to these vendors and request to void the contract. If this is opposed by the other parties of the contract, please contact the Clubs & Associations department using the contact information found at the top of this page.


If any of you have sponsorships that have been secured for upcoming events and your sponsors are requesting a refund, please submit a fully completed and accurate Clubs & Associations Expense Form with the signed sponsorship agreement attached and we will reimburse as required. If you require extra assistance, please contact the Clubs & Associations department using the information found in the COMMUNICATIONS TO CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS DEPARTMENT section at the top of this page.


As an event organizer, it is your responsibility to notify all event participants regarding the cancelation of your event(s).

laurier experience record (LER)

The deadline to email a list of your general and executive team, in the form of an Excel sheet document, for LER recognition is Friday, April 3rd by 12PM. All documents must be emailed to by this deadline in order to be considered.

Please keep in mind that this is a hard deadline and lists submitted passed this date will NOT be accepted for LER approval.

In your submissions, please make sure to include the following:

  • Member name
  • Member student ID number
  • Member email (mylaurier)
  • Member position (executive/general) à please indicate what their role is if they are an executive member (e.g. VP: Finance)
  • *Must be in Excel format*

Emails missing any of the above information will not be sufficient enough for LER recognition and will therefore not be submitted for approval. Please ensure that you are following our guidelines so that your club members can receive recognition.