Campus Poster Policy

A “poster” refers to any poster, notice or advertisement which announces activities or events, conveys information about clubs or other organizations, or serves a similar purpose.

Posters will only be stamped for departments, faculties, recognized campus clubs and organizations within the Wilfrid Laurier University community. No external organizations will have their posters stamped unless directly endorsed by a department, faculty or recognized campus club or organization.



  1. Bring your poster after completing the “On-Campus Event” form to Kara Mosburger, Clubs & Association Clerk;
  2. If the poster follows our Clubs & Association Poster Policy, Kara will stamp one poster for approval;
  3. Bring the stamped poster to the Dean of Students’ Office and the remaining posters will be stamped for use in other buildings (other than Resident and the Athletic Complex)


  1. Bring your poster to the Associate Vice President, Clubs & Association, for approval;
  2. If posters are approved, bring the posters to the Dean of Students’ Office (Student Centre, Room 226) to be stamped;
  3. You are responsible for hanging the posters in the approved areas (maps available from AVP, Clubs & Association).

Please read the full Campus Poster Regulations before designing and submitting posters for approval.