2021 Students’ Union Elections Platforms: Board of Directors

Board of Directors Candidates

Please note: Board of Directors Candidates in Waterloo have been acclaimed.
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Naija Dubey












My name is Naija Dubey, I am a second-year Business Technology Management student and also currently the Vice President for BTMSA, running for the Board of directors position. I am not going to ask you to vote for me, matter in fact I doubt you made it this far into my platform, but if you have, maybe you are interested in what I have to say to make the university a better place. I want to use my platform to make the Brantford campus as involved as possible with the Waterloo campus. After successfully doing my job as the Vice president for my program, I want to expand and share ideas with the entirety of the students union. As a director, I want to make sure that the Brantford campus is included in all activities and gain the same respect as the Waterloo campus. I want to use your suggestions/*


Fiza Iqbal










Hello! My name is Fiza Iqbal and I am seeking to be elected for the position of a Director on behalf of Wilfrid Laurier Universities Students Union Board of Directors.

This position interested me because I am an individual who loves to get involved. In my first semester at Laurier, I have joined LOCUS House Council as President, switching over to Brantford Residence Council since I moved to residence as a Community Representative. In addition to my involvement in these councils I am a part of the Muslim Student Association as a general member, Bachelors of Social Work Student Association as a general member and on the Bachelors of Social Work Divisional Council as a Student Representative.

My vast experiences within Laurier have been motivated by my passion and drive to aid other students to love and fully enjoy their Laurier experience!

I believe I am a strong candidate for/*


Mackenzie May








My name is Mackenzie May, and I am a third-year Business Technology Management student seeking election to the WLU Student’s Union Board of Directors. Throughout my time at Laurier I’ve had the unique opportunity to be a student at both campuses, as I spent the first 2 years of my degree in the BBA program in Waterloo before transferring into the BTM program in Brantford. Having been a student at both campuses, I believe I am better able to understand and advocate for the needs of students at both of Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses.

If elected, I will focus on three key areas to improve:

  1. Improve communication of mental health resources available and advocate for quicker access to services. 
  2. Provide students with better tools for offering feedback to the board of directors. 
  3. Increase sense of community between campuses.



Victoria Bothwell


Victoria Bothwell is a fourth-year health sciences student at Laurier and has been heavily involved at the school throughout her time here. An advocate for integrity, fairness and hard work, Victoria has chosen to run for the board of directors since she feels the student union voting process is in need of improvement. 

Victoria proposes to adjust the voting time frame and platform where the voting takes place to improve the overall voting process for students and increase voter turnout. She plans to do this by petitioning for the migration of the Students’ Union voting platform to Laurier’s MyLearningSpace website, and by advocating to include dedicated classroom time to complete the vote. By moving the voting directly to MyLearningSpace, Victoria believes that the more familiar and frequently used website will increase the ease of access of voting.


Ezra Ceniti


After successfully fulfilling the objectives of last year’s platform, I am looking to build on that success and continue to make the appropriate adjustments that the pandemic has forced us into.  I am running for re-election for the Board of Directors to maximize the student experience, whether it be online or in-person, each day of my term.

My name is Ezra Ceniti, and I am prepared to improve during my second term on the Board.  If re-elected, I will expand on the relationships that I have already established.  As a result of the work that I do as a Board member, one thing that will not change is the fact that students will be the main beneficiaries of my actions.  Just because the student experience is different, that does not mean my work ethic changes.  

I am once again asking for your support during my campaign for re-election.


Gurgavin Chandhoke


What’s popping GOLDEN HAWKS!

I am Gurgavin Chandhoke, a first-year student running for the Student Union Board of Directors to enhance the university experience for everyone, involving the whole student community and attempt to further the sense of engagement and unity.

With many fresh ideas to get everyone involved, a strong passion for unity, I hope to bring about ideas that better the student experience for the Golden Hawks of today and tomorrow.

I will pursue three crucial goals:

  1. With the current pandemic, ​mental health and wellbeing​ during these unprecedented times will be my number one priority.
  2. Bring in more ​transparency​ in the functioning of the Student Body
  3. Inclusion – ​Encourage and ensure to include everyone, in the multi-campus activities, events
    and programs across campuses

If successfully elected, I will represent each and every single one of you and make sure your voice is heard.


Andrew Dang


My name is Andrew Dang, and I am a fourth year BBA student seeking re-election to the WLU Students’ Union Board of Directors as Chair of the Board. Having served two terms on the Board and one year as an Undergraduate Senate I have a proven track record of my commitment to improve student lives. Through collaboration, proactive initiative, and direct engagement with my peers have I made this a reality.  I digitately work to represent all students’ concerns and to clear all misinformation. It will be my sincere honour to serve as Chair to strive to bring Laurier back to the best in student satisfaction.


Francesco Del Giudice


My name is Francesco Del Giudice; I am a third year political science student. During my time at Laurier, I have served as an executive team lead for Mock Court Cases, I have served as an executive, President and Vice President of the Wilfrid Laurier Conservatives, and I have gained experience as the VP of External Relations for the Laurier Pre-Law Society. In these positions, I have learned to communicate and lead in a strong and effective manner. In dealing with conflict, I have learned to negotiate effectively guiding discussions towards conflict resolution. On the Board of Directors, I will advocate for more transparency, more funding for Wellness Center services, and more accountability to all students. In addition I will ensure more opportunities and incentives to create and join campus clubs. I hope you can place your trust in me to be a strong voice for students in all decisions.


Kianna Low-A-Chee


My name is Kianna Low-A-Chee, I am a third-year political science student running for a position on The Wilfrid Laurier Student Union Board of Directors. My platform is to make the undergraduate experience the best it can be for students on both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. As a director, I will ensure transparency and communication to students in order to strengthen the relationship between students and the board. If elected I would use my position to create accountability from the president and CEO as the Laurier community adjusts to a rapidly changing world. My commitment is to you and providing a voice for students when decisions are made in order to ensure you get the most of your time at Laurier.

Let me be your voice at the table.


Aidan Mccarthy


My platform consists of three main pillars. The first is to facilitate more avenues of engagement for student clubs and associations during online semesters. The second is to work on more transparency between the student body and administration. I believe students often feel as though their voices are not being heard and I think facilitating the communication of their issues and concerns to administration as well as our provincial and federal government is one of the most vital functions of a student union. Finally, I would like to expand the benefits available to students. First and foremost, I would like to increase access to mental health resources for students both on campus and off campus, I would also like to work on expanding on campus essential services, and I would like to increase the career planning support provided to non-coop students.


Muna Mohamed


If elected to the Board of Directors, I plan to use my position to amplify the voices of students of colour, ensuring that their concerns are taken into account when decisions are made. As students experience incidents of racism and overall marginalization, it is crucial the Students’ Union offers support. As a member of the board, I plan to bridge the gap between Laurier students and the school services that help provide a safer environment. It is the responsibility of the Students’ Union to advocate for the needs of every student on all Laurier campuses, and I promise to use my position to uphold that obligation. As a student of Laurier and a person of colour, a greater knowledge of the services offered to marginalized students would have positively impacted my experience. Fortunately, our school does provide resources that create a safe environment, such as the Centre for Student Equity/*


Shane Symington


My name is Shane Symington, and I am a third student enrolled in Honours Communication Studies. I’m running to be on the board because I want to represent those in the community who are otherwise uninvolved and attempt to further the sense of engagement and unity within the community.

I came to Laurier for a strong education that will provide the foundation for my career. However, after spending five semesters here, I’ve found that what makes Laurier home to me and so many other students is the strong and enduring sense of camaraderie within the community. 

As a board member for the Student’s Union, I would bring about a fresh point of view on how to get students involved through a strong passion for unity, and I would hope to bring about creative ideas that can bring students together while also effectively navigating through the difficulties that a virtual university/*


Brandon Vale


For results, engaged, and committed.

My name is Brandon Vale, and I am a third-year business student. I am seeking to represent undergraduate students on the Students’ Union Board of Directors and the Laurier Board of Governors. Through my leadership as a Student Senator on the Laurier Senate, I have proven my ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve results and engage with the undergraduate student body and administration to address student concerns. I believe in the importance of the overall student experience at Laurier, and it would be a privilege to represent my peers on the Students’ Union Board of Directors and the Laurier Board of Governors.



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