Board of Directors Candidates

Mohammad Abu-Rshaid, Brantford (Acclaimed)

Nicholas Betivoiu, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

Hi, my name is Nicholas Betivoiu and I’m a first-year student in the BBA program at the Waterloo campus. I’m currently running for a position on the Board of Directors of the Student Union. People should vote for me because I am a driven and well-disciplined worker who has a passion for the Golden Hawk community. My experiences in leadership, as well as team roles, have provided me with the necessary knowledge to become a valuable member of the board. My passion for the community as well as my determination for change will allow me to represent what Laurier students want from a Student Union. In this role, I truly believe that I can create valuable change and offer a fresh perspective on issues and opportunities that the board faces. I look forward to hearing back from the board and hopefully joining the team this year!

Carson Boettinger, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

My name is Carson Boettinger; I am a first-year economics and financial management student. I am running for the Student Union Board of Directors to enhance the experience of all at Laurier. I plan to make Laurier’s community more engaged throughout the hybrid semester. This comes with ensuring that students know and have access to mental health services. On the board of directors, I will help provide more accountability of the board and president to their students and themselves. I will also ensure that the board remains transparent to all. If elected, I will ensure that every voice at Laurier is heard on the board level. I hope you can place your trust in me to achieve these goals and to be your voice on the board.

Francesco Del Giudice, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

My name is Francesco Del Giudice. I am a fourth-year political science student, and I am seeking re-election for the Students’ Union Board of Directors as Chair of the Board. This past year I have proven my commitment to students, and I have proven to negotiate and work well with others. Having served as CRO in the September by-election, I have learned to achieve results, and improve the student experience. Having served in multiple executive positions, I have learned how to effectively manage conflict, and how to lead with a positive vision. As Chair I will further encourage avenues for students to have their voices heard, effective transparency, and I will provide a voice for those in the community who are not often heard. I hope you can place your confidence in me to take the board in a constructive direction to improve the student experience.

Cole Dermott, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

Hello everyone! My name is Cole Dermott and I’m a first-year student in business and computer science. At present, I’m running for a position on the board of directors, senate, and board of governors. In any role I may represent I plan on acting on behalf of the Laurier community at large – whether that be in an academic, extracurricular, or even further fields – the aggregate wishes of our community will remain of the utmost importance. Further, in any role I might represent I plan to actively engage our community with the happenings of the board through social media and other platforms. This will ensure that the interests of the community at large are kept at the forefront. Within this role, I believe that I can help Laurier at large thrive and offer a new perspective on issues within the boards. I look forward to hopefully helping everyone this coming semester!

Nur Elmasri, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

My name is Núr Elmasri, and I am a second-year Economics and Financial Management student seeking election to the Students’ Union Board of Directors, and senate as well as the Laurier Board of Governors.

In my free time, I like to meet new people and mentor children and youth. I am currently involved in community building and social action projects across Ontario that work towards community development.

I have demonstrated exceptional organization and communication skills as the organizer of “The Fun Day” and first-ever TEDx talk in Hamilton Ontario, formally known as, TEDxYouthAncasterHigh.

I am self-motivated to always look for more opportunities to enhance my volunteer work but also to augment my passion for business.

If elected I will make your voice heard and bring your concerns directly to the Boards.

Zachary Goodwin, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

Hello, my name is Zachary Goodwin and I’m a first year in the BBA program here at Laurier on the Waterloo campus. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors and Senate, as a part of the Student Union. You should vote for me as I am an incredibly hard worker and bring forth many strong leadership and communication skills to the team. In the past, I have had many team roles that not only have developed my skills as a leader but provided me with insights and passion for the communities and groups in which I am involved. I am eager to work alongside colleagues and other students who care about Laurier’s community as much as I do, and have the same passion and drive for positive change. I look forward to the opportunities Laurier has to offer and meeting everyone on the team!

Samar Hashmi, Brantford (Acclaimed)

My name is Samar Hashmi and with a position on the Board of Directors on SU, I believe I can cultivate an environment in which students feel more connected through such trying times. It is often times in which students can feel isolated through online learning and find difficulty in connecting with their peers. With my help, I will ensure that students feel that the SU is a safe and accessible place in which they can express their concerns. An example of how this could be achieved is by hearing from the students directly and opening up forums that would ask questions about the online learning environment and how we could potentially enhance their experience. With my influence I am someone who can introduce a brand new perspective with ideas that elevate a student’s experience. Providing these opportunities will be helpful in a student’s overall involvement at Laurier.

Nicholas Lafarciola, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

Hey Laurier!

As a Director of the Students’ Union, I would make it my goal to best support the students of Laurier. My platform will focus in on ensuring that students are supported in both their academic and non-academic life as well as establishing adequate representation of the Laurier student body at the board level. By leveraging board resources, I will strive to create meaningful and actionable improvements to student life at Laurier.

In addition to supporting students in their day-to-day life, I will seek to evaluate and assess board policies to ensure that they are designed in a way that is transparent, accessible, and in the best interest of the student population. Through these initiatives, it is my goal to develop a holistic approach in representing the students of Laurier, and to put my best foot forward as a Director on the Students’ Union Board of Directors.


Michel LeClair, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

My name is Michel LeClair – I am a fourth-year Geography Student at Laurier’s Waterloo Campus. I am seeking election for the WLU students’ Union Board of Directors. While living in both Waterloo and Brantford I have gained an insight into the challenges that both campuses face. As a director, I will ensure transparency and communication with the student body. In addition, I will advocate for more environmentally-conscious practices to be used on campus and increased support for mental health resources.

Emma Murphy, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

My name is Emma Murphy, I am currently a third-year Biology student seeking election onto the Board of Directors. Throughout my time at Laurier I have been very involved both on campus and in the classroom.

On the board of directors, I want to use my platform to advocate for a more inclusive board that represents the student body. The board is currently very male dominated and may not be the best representation of our community. I want to help create an environment where there are equal amounts of representation and that regardless of gender, students feel represented by the board. I also want to advocate for more mental health resources for students, especially in times of isolation and lockdowns.

By creating a more inclusive environment and advocating for more resources for students, I aim to bring the student body together as a strong community in these hard times.

Blake Phillips, Waterloo (Acclaimed)

Hey Golden Hawks! My name is Blake Phillips, and I’m a second year BBA and Computer Science major. I’m running for re-election to the Student’s Union Board of Directors. Having spent a semester on the board, I have a strong understanding of how the Student’s Union operates and have shown myself as a director capable of speaking up to represent the interests of student body. This term, I want to further expand student access to SU Board meetings to keep students informed of the changes happening in their community, as well as help facilitate an effective return to in-person operations. It’s important to me that our students have easy access to meaningful Student’s Union resources, and I will continue to represent the student body if re-elected to serve on the Board this year.