Arts’ Undergraduate Society

Arts’ Undergraduate Society

AUS is an interactive Faculty of Arts Council that works towards bettering the academic and social experience of students here at Laurier. It is a council for students, funded by students and lead by students. AUS works towards developing an arts community, serving students within the Faculty of Arts in a variety of ways. AUS provides assistance for student clubs, associations, student run programs or events, as well as individual projects. If needing assistance to further develop your educational or university pursuits, AUS  is on your side. Visit the AUS website to stay updated on upcoming events happening at Laurier to make sure that you do not miss out!

AUS provides opportunities for students to become engaged and experience more from their degree. Whether it is through joining a club, attending events, or getting passionate about a cause, AUS is fueled by our student passion – something the arts is full of. Passionate about social justice? There’s a club for that. Love watching films? There’s a club for that. There is no reason to be uninvolved, because there are so many options! AUS is working hard to provide the most to each student.

Let’s make the campus a livelier place! Get involved in a club or association. Don’t see something that interests you, or think something is missing? You have now been given the golden opportunity to create your own club. A club can be faculty related or a hobby – the more variety of clubs there are, the more we have to offer our students!

The only requirement to become affiliated with AUS is that 50% +1 of your membership are students in the Faculty of Arts. You will also be required to submit a club’s constitution outlining your club’s purpose on the campus and the initiatives you plan to create, and a budget request.

President: Nicole Molina
Campus: Waterloo