Meet the Orientation Team in Waterloo!

First years!!! For those of you who might be asking what is orientation week well let me tell ya. Orientation Week is a fun and engaging welcome to Laurier where we have tons of fun daytime and nighttime programming to help you be successful in your academics, to get to know the campus and to get to know other fellow golden hawks. Orientation week has something for everyone and offers programming such as the concert, headphone disco, carnival, and many more. Orientation week kicks off move in day and goes until the end of the week. SOO now that you know what Oweek is its time for you to get familiar with the faces of the people putting on this awesome week for you so without further ado where is an introduction to this year’s orientation team!


Victoria Arvanitis: Orientation Programming Facilitator

Hey everyone my name is Vic I am going into my final semester and I am your orientation programming facilitator. My job is to create all the fun activities you do during orientation week! I got involved with orientation week because I love the atmosphere, creating events that people can enjoy and the fast-paced environment. My favourite orientation week memory is shine day because that was where I connected most with my icebreakers and floor while also raising money for a great cause! Can’t wait to see you during orientation week

Nikki Corless: VP of Programming and Services

Hey everyone! My name is Nikki and I’m the Vice President: Programming and Services for the Students’ Union! I help run and plan orientation week and the campus activities that happen throughout the entire school year. I got involved in O-Week 4 years ago because I wanted to help plan some of the best memories for the incoming first years! My favourite O-Week memory would be rocking out to The Arkells for the concert in my first year!

Connor Jenkins: Volunteer Liaison

Hey everyone!! My name is Connor and I’m the Volunteer Liaison Executive for Orientation Team. My role is to be the main point of communication for all Icebreakers and Head Icebreakers. As well, I help facilitate a lot of the events and activities during O-Week! I got involved with O-Week to meet new people and help first year students adjust to university life. My favorite O-Week memory is meeting the Arkells last year and meeting my Icebreakers in first year!



Sandy Tedjasubrata: Logistics Executive

Hi my name is Sandy Tedjasubrata I am in my fourth year of health sciences and I am this year’s logistics executive. Some of the things I do is I decide up all of your awesome ice breakers and put them onto colour teams and pair all of the head ices together as well as move in day and many more things! I got involved with Orientation week because I loved it in my first year and wanted to give back to incoming first years to make sure they has a good orientation week just like I did. My favourite Oweek memory has to be the headphone disco!

Brigitte Haynes: Communications Executive

Hello everyone! My name is Brigitte and I cannot be more excited to be this year’s communications executive. I am responsible for all the marketing and promotion that orientation week gets in the summer as well as, creating the character and theme video and capturing all the awesome memories you all will have during orientation week. I got involved with orientation week in my second year because of the impact my icebreakers left on me, I wanted to be that mentor to incoming first years like they were to me. My favourite Oweek memory has to be the cheer off and the energy in the room you truly feel how great it is to be a golden hawk!


Sammi Marino: Clothing and Registration Executive

Hi everyone my name is Sammi Marino and I am the Clothing and Registration Executive this year and am going into my fourth year of general sciences. In this role,  I am in charge of registering all of you as well as ordering all of your shirts for the week and all of the icebreaker swag. I got involved with orientation week because I really enjoyed my oweek experience in first year and never looked back! My favorite oweek memory was when I was an icebreaker and seeing how much my first years enjoyed their oweek and now seeing them as icebreakers themselves.

Adriana Marich: Shinerama Coordinator

Hello everyone, I am Adriana and I’m going into my fourth year in sociology & English and I am also this year’s Shinerama coordinator. For those of you who do not know Shinerama is a cause that is very near and dear to Laurier and every orientation week we send YOU ALL out into the KW community to help raise money for Canadians living with Cystic Fibrosis. CF is one of the most common fatal genetic disease that affects the lungs and respiratory system making it hard for CF patients to do everyday activities. This year I am running the committee here at Laurier. I got involved with Oweek and Shinerama because it was one of my favourite moments of first year was shine day! I bonded with my floor a lot and was inspired by the Shinerama speakers which made me want to continue being involved

Azeem Mamajiwalla: A-Team Coordinator

HellOO everyone, I am Azeem, I’m going in my third year of business and I am also the A-Team Coordinator. A-Team is a committee on campus run by the student’s union that is repsobile for all the night time programming that goes on during orientation week, this committee also is year-round and we bring in different performers to come put on concerts at Laurier. I got involved with O-Week because I want to help put on one of the best O-Week’s of all time! I love planning so being able to plan all of the night time events for first year’s will be really exciting! Whether it’s concerts, game nights, Carnival, or Headphone Disco, this O-Week will have something for everyone! My favourite O-Week memory was winning O-Week in my first year as the Green Wranglers, and meeting Desiigner in my 2nd O-Week!!


Julia McNobb: Go-Team Lead

My name Julia and I am one of the Go-Team Leads, Go-Team is a Oweek committee that is in charge of the set-up and take-down for all the programming that happens during the week. I got involved in O-Week because of my first-year icebreakers. They were amazing and made me feel right at home at Laurier and I wanted to do that for other first-years! My all-time favorite O-Week memory is cheer-off. Every year is different but cheer-off is still the best part of the week.


Ty Donaldson: Go-Team Lead

Hello I am Ty the other Go-Team Lead along with Julia for this year’s Orientation Week and am going into my third year at Laurier. Why Oweek? WELL  My first year Orientation Week was a life changing experience. I got to meet so many amazing people during the week and it made me realize that I wanted to make an impact on future first year golden hawks as well. Last year I was on Go-Team and had a blast, so I wanted to be Go-Team Lead to bring a new twist to this year’s team and help continue to spread positive vibes to incoming first-years! It’s hard to pick my favorite Oweek memory because I would pick all of it! BUT specifically, getting to work with some crazy inspiring people on Go-Team!


What are Head Icebreakers you might ask? WELL… Head Icebreakers are in charge of all your AWESOME icebreakers. WHAT EVEN ARE ICEBREAKERS?! WELL…Once you move into residence your floor will be given two upper year students that will be your mentor, friend, and acting parent not only during orientation week but throughout your first year and even your entire university experience. Head ices are in charge of all of your icebreakers and are in a sense their icebreakers. SOO…Without further ado, where are your 2018 head ices!

Sarah Mellor: Head Icebreaker

Year and Program: 4th Year BBA

I got involved with O-week after seeing all of the insane pride and passion that came along with being a golden hawk. The energy on the Laurier campus was infectious, and I witnessed that for the first time with my icebreakers on move-in day. I wanted to become a part of that infectious Laurier spirit and be part of the reason incoming Laurier students felt excited and passionate to officially call Laurier their new home.

My favourite O-week memory was move-in day in my first year as an icebreaker. I got the chance to meet/ form relationships with so many amazing people outside of my colour team, as well as be one of the first excited faces the first years got to see as they moved in to residence. The passion and excitement that all of the icebreakers has on this day was something I will never forget. The icebreakers I met, and the experience I had truly helped shape who I wanted to embody as an Icebreaker as well as a Laurier student. Happy first day to you!!

Adam Rezkalla: Head Icebreaker 

Year and Program: 4th-year Communication Studies

Why I Got involved with o-week: because of how amazing it felt in first year and I wanted to keep experiencing it. +Inspiring lives

My fav o-week memory: o-carnival last year, had a blast going on the rides and helping run the event.

Mike Woodward: Head Icebreaker 

Year and Program: 4th year econ and accounting

Why I got involved: Great first year experience and wanted to make a difference in the lives of first years

Favourite Oweek memory: Cheer off

Serena Pitt: Head Icebreaker

Year and Program: Honors communication Studies & the Business Management Option

Why I got involved with Oweek: Oweek was a big part of my first-year experience. The week really bonded my floor and my Icebreakers helped integrate me into the Laurier community. This positive experience led me to become an Icebreaker the following year to share my passion for Laurier and Oweek with future golden hawks.

Fav Oweek memory:  I have so many Oweek memories so it’s really hard to pick one but I’d have to go with Shine Day. In all three of my years with Oweek it is always the most memorable experience!

Shannon Leest: Head Icebreaker

Year and Program: 4th year Economics and Psychology

Why I got involved: I got involved with Oweek because I had heard how much fun it was and how it was a great way to branch out and meet new people.

My favourite Oweek memory: would be the carnival this past year, especially when Blue took over the ferris wheel and did some cheers.

Jess Smith: Head Icebreaker

Year and Program: Going into 4th year, studying History
Why I got involved with Oweek: I got involved with Orientation Week to meet fellow Golden Hawks who were passionate about positively impacting the First Year experience, and to give back to the Laurier Community by becoming a student leader
Favourite Oweek memory: There are so many to choose from, but I’d probably have to say either welcoming countless students to campus on move-in day and seeing so many different reactions, or seeing all the different colour teams participating in cheer off, an event when you feel so much energy, nervousness, excitement, and teamwork in one room.