2020 Students’ Union Elections Platform Summaries: Senate Candidates

Senate Candidates


Ibrahim Musa

The name’s Ibrahim Musa. I’m a third year Poli-Sci student seeking to be elected as a member of the senate. I intend on ensuring that the best interest of students are kept in mind when academic decisions are made. I would also like to have frequent conversations with students and professors alike regarding new programs that cater to the needs and desires of the students here at Laurier while considering the University’s fiscal responsibility.

Pegah Jamalof

If elected as a member of the Senate at Laurier, I would work diligently to help provide and maintain a high quality of education to students. I believe I would be a great addition, as a student who majors in two different fields—political science and sociology—I have come to care much about the academic field at Laurier.

I have worked as an executive on the North American Studies Student Association, where we have talked in detail about academics in the field with various students who also care for academia. I hope that with experiences such as the latter, and the position I also hold on the executive team of the Laurier Young Liberals, I will be able to work on the senate in a capable and meaningful capacity.

Akshat Shah

My name is Akshat Shah and I am running for the WLU Senate. I am a third-year economics student who wants to be a part of the decision-making body that governs all academic issues. By becoming a Student Senator I hope to advocate for policies and procedures that best support students on their path to academic excellence.

The three years of experience that I have gained as a student at WLU allows me to provide input into the academic planning process, thus providing more opportunities for current and future students. I hope to work with other senators to provide students with better resources to make the most of those newfound opportunities to ensure that students can be successful.

I hope that as a potential Director of the Board and as a Student Senator, I can continue to develop a community that enjoys a great student experience while improving academic performance.

Christy Francis

Wilfrid Laurier University stands for great values and principles. This university puts great effort and interest in us, its student body. Like this institution, I am committed to put the time and effort to better improve Student’s Union’s involvement in your university experience.

My name is Christy Francis and I am a 3rd year Biology student running for the Student’s Union Board of Directors, on the senate, and the Board of Governors. From my time involved with on and off campus communities I understand students concerns. From my time in leadership roles in the Students Union I understand the position I am running for. From my time as a Golden Hawk I am ready to improve your university experience in three key ways. The three pillars of my platform are: providing clear understanding of Student Union activities, improving Wi-Fi, improving wellness options available for students.

Brandon Vale

My name is Brandon Vale, and I am a third-year business student. I am seeking to represent undergraduate students on the Laurier Board of Governors and Laurier Senate. I aim to provide the perspective of an undergraduate student as it relates to the overall strategic direction and academic initiatives of the university. Most recently, I served on the Laurier Library Student Advisory Council, where I represented and advocated on behalf of my peers on addressing and tackling the issues students have with the library. I am a firm believer in the importance of the overall student experience, and it would be a privilege to represent and be the voice of my fellow undergraduate students on the Senate and Board of Governors.

Nicholas Quintyn

In my position of Student Senator I want to ensure that Wilfrid Laurier University continues to be the premier post-secondary institution for inspiring lives of leadership and purpose. I believe that this is accomplished through balancing student satisfaction through access to on-campus services in addition to fiscal responsibility. I believe that my past experience as a dedicated Student Senator with The Durham Catholic District School Board. In addition to my work with marginalized communities through LSPIRG and ABS will make me an ideal candidate for Senator.

A strong commitment to inclusive academic and research practices is needed particularly in light of The Free Speech Controversy. To ensure that Laurier continues to inspire lives of leadership and purpose I will utilize my experience on 6 key areas which will ensure effective accountability to students in the areas of: Student Well-Being, Equity, Leadership, Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility and Engagement.

Andrew Dang  – 
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