U-desk Tech Share Request Form

U-Desk Tech Share Request Form
Tech Share Policy: The loan period for all laptops will be 7 business days, with rental requests filled on Mondays each week. Renters are required to be active Laurier students. Equipment can be consecutively re-borrowed a maximum of 1 time before it will need to be returned. Failure to return a laptop on time will result in an overdue fine of $250.00 and will be assessed to student accounts. Items returned damaged or not at all will be the financial responsibility of the student. Full replacement value will be charged to the student account according to the Equipment Replacement/Repair Guide located at yourstudentsunion.ca. U-Desk staff will verify laptops are rented in good condition. Users should report any damages, malfunctions, or problems by email immediately to udesk@wlu.ca or udeskbrantford@wlu.ca. Personal information of any kind should not be stored on the device and the Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union is not responsible for the loss of damage or damage to a user's file saved to a device or by an unexpected reboot, hardware failure, network interruptions, or viruses. Please remember to save your work to an external device often.