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University Affairs Department

University Affairs


What We Do for You

The University Affairs department is the voice of advocacy for the students, representing them on matters concerning academics, access, funding and more at the university, municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. The overall goal is promote a high quality academic and social environment for the students while maintaining fair cost sharing. We are the people who turn student gripes into advocacy, and students are encouraged talk to the UA department about the barriers they face in accessing a high quality, reasonably priced education.

Stephanie Bellotto

Vice President: University Affairs
519.756.8228 x 3420
Office: Waterloo

zana talijan

Associate Vice President: University Affairs
519.756.8228 x5527
Office: Brantford

shannon kelly  

Associate Vice President: University Affairs
519.884.0710 x4567
Office: Waterloo

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee is tasked with creating relationships with students, developing a fluent two-way dialogue, and acting as representatives for the University Affairs department at the student level. We run educational campaigns to inform students about issues they may encounter in their time as a university student. The Outreach committee devises creative strategies and strives to push the boundaries in reaching out to all Laurier students to create awareness of the research that has been completed and any advocacy outcomes that have been obtained.

Outreach Coordinator Brantford |


Outreach Coordinator Waterloo |

Student Rights Advisory Committee

The Student Rights Advisory Committee (SRAC) is a committee which features a peer support service for academic or landlord- tenant questions and issues.  The underlying value of this committee is based on the ability to conduct high quality research and improve university policy through strong advocacy. Through peer support and policy review, SRAC will contain an extensive library tailored to answering student concerns. SRAC provides confidential, one- on- one support in the following areas:

– Academic Policy
– Landlord- Tenant Rights
– Appeals Processes

With extensive training, our volunteers will have full capabilities and the resources they need to provide students with an exceptional service.


Student Rights Advisory Committee Coordinator Brantford |


Student Rights Advisory Committee Coordinator Waterloo |

Our Allies

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance

OUSA is a not for profit advocacy and research group that is made up of  8 student associations in Ontario who represent over 145,000 students. As a part of OUSA our Union pays a small fee in order to shape the direction of the organization and to share in the results of its work. OUSA has a long history of successes around access, financial aid and quality in education through its work with the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.