Services & Programs

The Students’ Union provides numerous services to the Laurier community. Please see the right side menu for a full list of available services.

Do You Know Our Essential Services?

Emergency Response Team (Waterloo only)
Food Bank
Foot Patrol

 This year, during the student elections, we’re asking to create an Essential Services fee that would keep these services running year to year.


Here’s What Will Appear On Your Ballot

Do you support the creation of an Essential Services fee of $2.25 per student, per term adjusted annually by the cost of inflation (Consumer Price Index)? The fee will support the continued growth, and protect the integrity and sustainability of the essential services, as outlined by the Students’ Union Operating Procedures Agreement with the University.


Why Does This Matter?

This fee is being proposed in an effort to support the budgets for these essential services. In terms of student success, safety, and wellness on our campuses, these services have been deemed essential and necessary to ensure every student has access to all the tools they need to succeed at Laurier.

By instituting an Essential Services Fee, the Students’ Union can keep a reserve fund that ensure that budget money for these groups is maintained each year, and cannot be cut or removed.

By agreeing to support this fee, you’re agreeing to support every single Laurier Student.

Vote Yes on February 3 and 4.