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O-Week Concert Open to All Laurier Students

We’re pumped for all things O-Week but this announcement is so great we can’t just tell you – you have to earn it! Did you know… … the band members are all graduates from McMaster University? … they named themselves after the street on which they practiced? … The Casbah …

Meet Kim, Your VP of Programming & Services in Waterloo

This week we are introducing you to your Vice Presidents of Programming & Services. Carina and Kim are busy planning #LAURIEROWEEK16 so they may not be at their desks for a chat. Here’s a little insight into Kim’s world. Kim Hutchings is your Vice President of Programming & Services in …

Meet Carina, Your VP of Programming & Services in Brantford

We’re one month away from the start of O-Week 2016/17 and our Vice Presidents of Programming & Services are working non-stop. They may be a blur running past you in September, so they’ve taken the time give you some insight into their lives. Carina Gerlings is your Vice President of …

Meet Your Students’ Union President, Tyler Van Herzele

Your 2016/17 Executive Team are hard at work creating a magnificent year for new and returning Golden Hawks.  If you haven’t met or seen who your execs are, each week we will introduce you to them. Up first – your president Tyler Van Herzele. Meet the recent Concurrent Education graduate …


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