Message from your president: St. Patrick’s Day

Dear students of Laurier,

As most of you know, tomorrow is March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day. This day may mean one thing to you, but some different to another. Being a Laurier Golden Hawk, we emphasize the #StayGolden rule, which means respecting those around you, their views and preferences when it comes to socializing and co-habitating in the Waterloo community. I’d like to share some of these possible differences you may encounter this St. Patrick’s Day and ways to handle these situations:

  • If you decide to consume alcohol but someone around you doesn’t, no problem! Go ahead without them – he or she will be just fine with the decision, I promise;
  • The university is open tomorrow and classes are going on all day, so if you have friends who decide to go to class, please don’t pressure them to skip. You should check your own calendar to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Also remember that it costs a lot of money to go to university, so don’t waste this opportunity
  • You decided that you are interested in getting to know someone better but he or she does not share the same interest. No problem – respect their decision; after all, consent is not only golden, it’s mandatory
  • Your friends decide it is okay to consume alcohol in public, on the street. Perhaps remind them it’s not golden to break the law and pay a hefty fine for doing this (potentially hundreds of dollars…)
  • You see someone litter on a neighbour’s lawn and walk away. Instead of also littering, respect your neighbourhood and put garbage in the appropriate containers. This is your Laurier community after all
  • You see friends interactively negatively with local law enforcement, emergency medical service, security or Special Constables. No need to join in; just remember these community members are there to keep you and your friends safe. Remind them of that!

This list is not exhaustive and you may come into different situations based on your own decisions. Exercise good judgement, show respect and react in a manner that keeps everyone safe. You may not share the same preferences as others and that’s okay. I encourage you all to make smart choices this St. Patrick’s Day. Remember: go to class, respect one another, respect our neighbourhoods, keep everyone safe and, above all else, #StayGolden this St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a safe and happy weekend Laurier!






Tyler Van Herzele
President & CEO