Meet Kelsey, your new Programming & Promotions Manager

A new year brings new faces to the Students’ Union team, and today we’d like to welcome Kelsey Richard into our crew. Kelsey, or “Kels” for short, joins the full-time staff team as the new programming & promotions manager. Her role is to coordinate and execute events and activities that we know you will love! One of Kelsey’s goals is to get you, the students, more involved with student life at Laurier, as well as still trying to turn water into wine.

Here’s some fun facts you’ll want to know about Kels:

  • She can clap at exactly the right moment during the Friends theme song
  • She can make automatic doors open for her on command
  • She cannot wink with her left eye
  • And, she is a certified Zumba instructor

We’re excited to have Kelsey bring her own brand of vibrance and enthusiasm to the Students’ Union! If you get the chance to meet her, test her on her special skills, and ask her about the best ways to sort, hang, fold and generally anything about laundry.

Let’s here four quick hand claps and welcome Kelsey as our newest #GoldenHawk!