Converting Your Ideas into Realities with the Student Life Levy – Applications due October 23!

Laurier is known for having passionate students who care about their community. It’s your ideas on how to improve the quality of life for your fellow students that make Laurier a beacon for growth and opportunity. If you’ve been holding onto an idea that you are passionate about and confident will help improve the lives of our Golden Hawks, submit it to receive funding from the Student Life Levy.

Since the 1980s, undergraduate students have contributed approximately $20 million to the Student Life Levy (SLL). Faculty, staff and students are invited to apply for the funding of special projects that enhance the undergrad experience. To be eligible, your project must either provide increased opportunity for engagement that leads to improvements in personal health & wellness or for students to engage with each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside the classroom.

This past year the SLL funded the “Empowering Students with Power Naps” led by Fani Hsieh. The project funded new rest pods in the Waterloo campus library. Through her application, Fani describes how the purpose of the project and how it enhances student life: “I witnessed plenty of fellow students putting their heads down on a desk at the library or computer lab to take a nap.” The project aimed to “give students a designated area to comfortably nap between classes…for the benefit of their health and to improve will be able to take advantage of the loungers throughout the day.”

Applications for the SLL are being accepted until Monday October 23rd If you have an idea and want to bounce it off a couple of people, contact one of the Students’ Union’s SLL experts. Submit your application through Laurier Alumni’s website. We look forward to hearing your ideas soon!